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Save wildlife Save Arunachal campaign See How the awakened citizens are responding Say no to Big Hydel Projects

Save wildlife save Arunachal is the campaign by local tribals youth those who visualize the possible situation similar like Uttarakhand where whole nation is witnessing the damage’s done  in Joshimath,. Local activist are saying after 20 years Arunachal  will also face the same situation like Joshimath Uttarakhand on the ground of same reason  continuous unplanned cutting of forest trees  ,Encroachment in the natural flow of water, rising pollution of plastic waste , Blasting in the mountains Etc

Local activist from Joshimath Mr Atulsati is blaming NHPC Hydro electric project purely responsible for the whole damage caused .

Mr Truluku & Thinley wangdi are continuously working behind the social cause Save wildlife Save Arunachal, both the activist after visiting the Joshimath Uttarakhand and On the basis of Expert reports from the Geological Society of India that Mountain’s in India Himalayan region and in the north east state are not so much old and the hills will become more weak and fragile due to stone blasting activity.

the expert committee of himalayan society says the lands sliding in the hills are due to stone blasting activity.

in most of the case’s in hills area to make the road ,for construction projects we need to remove hills mountain via stone blasting , this small necessary stone blasting is acceptable for the development. But in case of Hydro Projects companies need a very big land ,this land will be available after the removal of hills/mountains or big rocks So these hydro companies do heavy stone blasting.

These activists are protesting under a small social group called Democracy warrior’s , they are approaching local villagers tribals and educating them about the possible threat from Environmental damage. in the lower dibbang valley where two big Hydel Projects are under construction mainly Etalin Hydro & Dibbang Hydro a NHPC Project

One MLA from the Arunachal on the condition of non disclose of his name says that there a a very big corruption in these hydro projects, they are not fulfilling the promise done as per the Mou done with state govt .

One Prominent Advocate of NGT Sh.Jit ray says if the company is not obeying satisfying the terms condition laid down in Mou ,then state govt have the right to cancel that, and we can also demand to scrapp these Mou’s.

Save wildlife save Arunachal campaign is getting good support from the civil society, they started a whatsapp messaging drive in the north east state to educate the people about the consequences of unplanned undisciplined stone blasting , cutting of tree’s, decrease in the numbers of wildlife animals etc

these activist are not really opposing the development, but they are opposing the unwanted unplanned damages done by the contractors ,suppose they need to cut down 10 tree but the company contractor cut down 100 tree instead of 10 and no one is there to take accountability of these wrong doings

In Political gallery  Janata Party is the one & only grand old Political party those who supporting the cause and is ready to help the local people for the legal fight .

Sh.Navneet Chaturvedi President Janata Party is continuously demanding that local youth should be employed here instead of other state and He will submit his representation to the Honourable Governor Arunachal on 10th May.

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