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In 2023, India’s 5G speed was ranked 10th globally: The Complete List Is Available Here

<p>India began rolling out 5G networks in October 2022, but in only a single year after the official debut, the nation’s 5G speeds had cracked the top 10 worldwide. India is among the top 5 G-performing nations in 2023, according to information released by Ookla in its report this month. This indicates the significant influence of the network rollout and the speed at which operators have been able to meet the nation’s customers’ network needs.</p>
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<p>India has moved up to the top 10 list with a speed of 312.26 Mbps, although the UAE and South Korea are leading the 5G median speed rankings with 592.01 Mbps and 507.59 Mbps, respectively. Ookla notes in their research here that “Operators have successfully addressed network congestion issues by offloading 4G traffic onto 5G networks following a 5G spectrum auction in India.”</p>
<p>The report’s most intriguing finding is that, in terms of 5G performance, Asia-Pacific nations have outpaced their European counterparts.</p>
<p>Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the area is home to six of the top ten nations with 5G median speeds. India has only recently revealed its ambitions for 5G services, as you can see in the graph below, therefore the nation isn’t even listed in the Q3 2022 statistics.</p>
<p>But by Q3 2023, India has supplanted Macau as the top country with the fastest 5G data speeds, completing the top ten.</p>
<p>India has recorded median 5G speeds of more than 300 Mbps, which is impressive. However, it should be noted that the telcos have not yet started charging for their 5G networks. Once they do, however, things might drastically alter as more people switch to 5G phones. When the pricing is revealed, consumers will likely focus on the speeds that the operators are offering, which will put 5G networks to the test in terms of their ability to support increased user densities while maintaining these data speeds.</p>

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