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Ayurveda advises consuming sweets before to meals rather than after them

In Ayurveda, eating sweets before to meals is said to stimulate the digestive tract and enhance digestion as a whole. According to Ayurvedic principles, sweet tastes have a grounding and nourishing impact on the body and soul. They are also supposed to encourage the release of digestive enzymes and boost salivary production.

When we eat sweets, our bodies produce insulin, which helps to control blood sugar levels. As a result, eating may become more regulated and thoughtful as desires and hunger are lessened.

Additionally, according to Ayurveda, eating sweets before to a meal might assist to balance the body's doshas (energies). In particular, sweetness is linked to the kapha dosha, which controls sustenance and stability. In order to balance out any excess vata (air and space) or pitta (fire and water) in the body, which may cause digestive pain or imbalances, activating the kapha dosha before a meal is said to be beneficial.

Ayurveda advises eating natural, whole food sources of sweetness like fruit, dates, or raw honey rather than artificial sugars since not all sweets are made equally. To preserve general health and wellbeing, it's also critical to exercise moderation and balance in all facets of diet, including sweets.

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