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Five ayurveda treatments for period pains, ranging from garlic to sandalwood

In their lifetime, women experience several physical and hormonal changes. Menstruation, often known as periods or menstruation (Menstrual), is one of them. While some women endure severe stomach, back, and head pain during their periods, many others have no pain or discomfort at all. Along with irregular periods, profuse bleeding, discomfort, spasms, and cramps, most Indian women also face these conditions. Some women find their five-day periods very painful and uncomfortable.

Bleeding may linger for two to seven days during a typical menstrual cycle, which lasts between 21 and 35 days. Therefore, a regular menstruation shows that a woman ovulates each month.

Ayurvedic treatments for menstrual pain

In Ayurveda, menstrual issues are addressed in a variety of methods. They also have no negative side effects. Numerous issues, including cramps, back discomfort, thigh pain, headaches, less or more bleeding, and irregular periods, may be resolved. Below are some Ayurvedic techniques that will help you stop having menstruation issues.

1 Take a garlic clove. Use two cloves to crush it. During periods, consume it twice daily.

2 Take a teaspoon of aloe vera gel together with a sprinkle of either black pepper or cinnamon powder when your menstruation is very uncomfortable and cramping.

4 Two glasses of water should include one spoonful of cumin seeds. Then, bring it to a boil. Remove the water from the heat when it has reduced to half. Take it up. Take a hot cup of it with a spoonful of honey. Starting on the first day of your period, start consuming this healthful beverage. Period-related issues may be resolved with natural treatments for irregular periods.

5 Prepare water with sandalwood and peppermint fragrance, then take a bath. Cold water bathing is also soothing.

6 Regularly include spices such as cumin, fenugreek seeds, black pepper, clove, coriander, and mint into your diet.

7 Papaya, cucumber, potato, cauliflower, peas, and pumpkin all have pain-relieving effects. Consume these items when your menstruation is almost here.

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