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Shocking! Identify the cause of why eating French fries may lead to mental health issues

French fries are described as comfort food, a go-to snack, a partner for all moods, and a supper choice that can never (nearly never) go wrong. Even though we are all aware that it is considered junk food and is not advised for a balanced diet, many of us like having a cheat day. However, the basic reality that everything is hazardous in excess still holds true. All of this is beneficial, but what if we said that French fries in particular are detrimental to mental health?

You must be shocked to learn that eating French fries is linked to a 12% greater incidence of anxiety and a 7% increased risk of depression, according to the most current Chinese research that was published in the American journal PNAS Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Fried meals are known to have a number of harmful effects on health. These foods may cause inflammation, which brings on depressive and anxious sensations. Furthermore, meals fried in oil absorb fat and lose water, adding to their calorie content.

According to the New York Post, the study team of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences thinks that the cause is acrylamide, a chemical that forms during the frying of numerous dishes involving potatoes.

What, however, is acrylamide? This toxic chemical may be produced by foods that have been deep-fried or cooked at high temperatures. A lot of starch is commonly found in foods produced with potatoes, which might lead to an overabundance of this molecule.

According to the study's findings, adult zebrafish exposed to acrylamide for an extended length of time demonstrated “anxiety and depressive-like behaviours.” Although high acrylamide levels have been demonstrated to cause cancer in animals, the US Food and Drug Administration cautions that the danger to humans is “not clear exactly.”

“The human component of this study may indicate just what it purports: that higher intake of fried food increases the risk of anxiety/depression,” CNN quoted Dr. David Katz as saying.

“Sphingolipid and phospholipid metabolism are dysregulated by chronic exposure to acrylamide, which is significant in the emergence of anxiety and depressive symptoms. The research also found that acrylamide “promotes lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress, which contribute to cerebral neuroinflammation.

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