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Five Benefits of Storing Dahi in Matki "Earthen Pots" for Curd

One of the healthiest, tastiest, and most nutritious meals, curd is a staple in every Indian household. Curd setting using an earthen pot is an old tradition that was unintentionally rediscovered during the Neolithic Period. Setting flawless curd is essentially an art. While steel or glass bowls are often used to set curd, it is thought to be smarter to use a clay pot. It may improve flavors and improve food quality. Nutritionist Kiran Kukreja claims Making curd in a mitti (clay) pot is a long-standing custom in many cultures throughout the globe. Using a mitti pot to prepare curd has a number of advantages, including:”
Five Benefits of Storing Dahi in Matki “Earthen Pots” for Curd
Mineral-rich: The natural clay used to make mitti vessels includes a number of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and iron. The curd may absorb these minerals, enhancing its nutritional value.
Probiotics: Compared to curd prepared in other materials, curd formed in clay containers has a greater content of probiotics. Probiotics are good microorganisms that promote immunity and help with digestion. Because the clay is porous, air may move freely through it, aiding in the curd's fermentation process. Additionally, it aids in absorbing extra water from the curd, making it creamier and thicker.
Scientists have shown the multiple health advantages of preserving curd in clay pots, or “matki,” as it is often called. Here are a few more benefits of keeping curd in clay pots.
A clay plot offers your curd an an earthy flavor that you won't get in any other container. The flavor is mild enough to not dominate the natural flavor of the curd while yet being mouthwatering.
Dairy products are acidic by nature and are an alkaline substance. Curd is made in an eastern pot, where alkaline ingredients are used to offset the acidity.
Thicker Consistency: Curd typically has a thicker consistency when it is prepared in an earthenware pot. This is so that water may be absorbed by clay pots, which are porous.

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