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Data from the union health ministry revealed on Monday that over 800 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in India on the previous day, a significant decrease from the previous total. Additionally, the number of open cases has decreased to 14,493.
India has recorded more than 44.9 million illnesses and 5,31, 778 fatalities related to the coronavirus epidemic during the last three years.
According to medical authorities, admissions are now being made for older patients with comorbid diseases. People must thus take their booster dosage if they haven't already.
However, due of Indians' development of a hybrid immunity as a consequence of vaccination and naturally occurring infection, incidences have been less severe. Scientists think that the XBB.1.16 mutation is to responsible for recent cases of covid. The administration has however recommended people to complete their vaccines and to keep using masks in crowded places.
According to an order from the health ministry, states and union territories must use a risk assessment-based plan to halt and control the infection. The ministry has asked state governments to evaluate the covid-19 situation at the local level (districts and sub-districts) and to focus on implementing the necessary steps for prompt and efficient covid-19 management while also guaranteeing effective compliance.
In the last 24 hours, 1,815 individuals have recovered from the illness, totalling over 4.44 crore people. The recovery rate is at 98.78%. The total number of tests is 92.86 crore, or around 55,636 tests in a day.
As part of the COVID immunization program, more than 220.66 crore vaccine doses have already been administered to country residents. In the preceding 24 hours, about 367 vaccine doses were administered.

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