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Foods that should not be combined with curd include mangoes, onions, and fish

It may be dangerous and detrimental to our health in many ways to combine curd with the incorrect meals. Poor meal pairings may harm our health. Curd is a dairy product created by fermenting milk with a bacterial culture and is often referred to as yogurt. This fermented dish has been a mainstay in many cultures for thousands of years and is well-known for its various health benefits. A bowl of fresh curd with some chopped fruits in it is one of the nicest things one can enjoy now that summer has arrived. The majority of Indian homes regularly eat curd, which is often enjoyed with parathas in the form of raita or sweet lassi.
We want to let you know that there are certain foods that, when combined with curd, might be bad for your health.
Mango and curd, first
Mangoes are a seasonal fruit that are well-liked throughout the summer in India. It has a lot of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. However, when mixed with curd, it might result in a cold-heat imbalance in the body, which can cause skin issues and toxin production. This is so because curd is a chilly dish while mango is a warm fruit. When consumed together, they create an imbalance in the body that may result in skin rashes, acne, and other skin conditions.
two. Milk and curd
Combining milk and curd, which are both high in calcium and protein, may result in acidity, bloating, and even heartburn. Together, they may cause gastrointestinal problems such diarrhea, acidity, bloating, and gas. This is because curd is light and simple to digest whereas milk is thick and filling.
3. Onion and curd
Combining curd and onion in food might result in allergies, gas, acidity, and even vomiting. The onion has the opposite impact to that of the curd, which is why. Combining these two meals is thus bad for our health. But a lot of us unintentionally eat onion and curd together, particularly in the summer.
4. Saturated fats
We all like Ghee Wala Parantha with Makan and Dahi on the side, don't we? You should stop doing this since eating greasy meals with curd slows down digestion and makes you feel sluggish all day.

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