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How to deal with decision anxiety: advice from a therapist

When we overthink our alternatives and find ourselves unable to make a choice, decision anxiety develops. Even the simplest judgements may be difficult to make when decision anxiety is present. Carrie Howard, a therapist and anxiety coach, explained it like this: “I felt everyone else battled to make even easy choices and overanalyzed every potential aspect until they simply got stuck. A key turning point for me was realising that my fear was the cause of this behaviour. This wasn't only a personality quirk on my part; rather, my worry was making the decision-making process much more difficult than it needed to be.
Carrie also provided some advice on how to deal with choice anxiety in everyday life and facilitate our lives:
Awareness: We must comprehend the underlying causes of worry before we can find a remedy. We need to be more aware of the causes of this anxiousness. We won't be able to handle it till then.
When we are experiencing active anxiety, it is preferable to postpone making any choices. That can make the anxiousness worse and make things worse. We should give ourselves some time to settle down before making a choice.
Making a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the factors influencing our decision is a good idea when making a tough choice. This will provide us additional information and aid in our decision-making.
Values: When faced with a difficult choice, we should remember the principles and standards we uphold. When the choice is in line with the values, it will be simpler to choose.
We should set a deadline for ourselves to make the choice. This will enable us to operate within a certain time range and facilitate quicker decision-making.
I was inspired to make some important adjustments in my life after realising that my overthinking was consuming my time and resources and keeping me mired in uncertainty and procrastination, according to Carrie Howard.

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