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“Remember What We Did in Australia and England,” Rohit Sharma Tells Players Following a Shocker Loss Against South Africa

<p>India’s captain, Rohit Sharma, remained confident in his team despite their crushing defeat by South Africa in the first Test of the series in Centurion. Going ahead, they want to square the series.</p>
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<p>Following their heartbreaking defeat to the Proteas, the Indian captain supported his team. Even India’s performances in Australia and England were remembered by Rohit. The captain said, “There’s no need to inspire them. Each of them plays cricket for a national team. There are more performances than this one. Remember what we accomplished in England and Australia. Our hitting helped us win in Australia. In England, we bowled and batted to a draw. It’s not as if we are ignorant about the game outside of India.</p>
<p>According to Rohit Sharma, the other team was superior. Following an impressive batting showing in which Dean Elgar scored 185, Marco Jansen amassed an undefeated 84, and David Bedingham scored 56 on his debut, South Africa was able to bowl out India for 245 in the first innings.</p>
<p>“There are moments when the opposition plays better than you,” the Indian captain said. It’s not like we couldn’t even bat 110 overs when they did. You proceed to review the scorecards from our previous four or five excursions abroad.</p>
<p>Despite KL Rahul’s outstanding century in the first innings and Virat Kohli’s heroic 76 in the second, India’s batting performance was below average. KL Rahul’s batting display was lauded by Rohit, who described it as the epitome of “showing intent and respecting the conditions.” “Observe what KL Rahul accomplished in the first innings,” he said. It is the epitome of honoring the requirements and demonstrating purpose. He finished the day with a strike percentage of 70 and the ability to knock poor balls away. That’s what we mean when we discuss intent.</p>
<p>The captain was also critical of the other hitters for not doing well enough that day. We can’t simply go swing our bats, he added. That is not a prerequisite for doing that. You have to be aware that there is a fine line between discipline and demonstrating purpose.</p>
<p>As they go to Cape Town for the second and last Test match of their tour of South Africa, India will now try to even the series.</p>

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