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screening to find women's anemia

Rotary International has stepped up its efforts to raise awareness of low hemoglobin levels. A project has been launched by Rotary Club of Salt Lake Metropolitan and Rotary International District 3291 to identify, counsel, and treat women with low hemoglobin levels.
Out of the 1,500 women who have undergone screening so far, 68.5% were determined to be anemic. Seventy-five percent of the women in two camps recently conducted in the Sunderbans villages of Gadkhali and Mundapara were found to be anemic.
The ladies learned about anemia, its causes, and how to avoid it by eating foods that are readily accessible in their area. They received instruction on proper menstrual hygiene as well as the need of hand washing and sanitation to stave against worm infections and water-borne illnesses.
The camps were put on by the Rotary Clubs of Aabahamaan and Salt Lake Metropolitan in cooperation with the Temple of Knowledge of Art of Living, Young Indians of Kolkata, and the Kolkata Menopause Society. Dr. Nirmala Pipara, Dr. Saktirupa Chakraborty, Dr. Suranjan Chakraborty, Dr. Aruna Tantia
At the camps, Dr. Shabana Roze Choudhury was there. Each of the 200 women received a three- to four-month course of iron supplements, deworming pills, and a lifestyle disease screening for conditions including diabetes and hypertension. After six months, re-screening will be conducted.

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